Nashua Chamber of Commerce delighted by rail study progress


In a Nashua Telegraph story yesterday, it was reported that

The Legislature’s Capital Budget Overview Committee approved two pieces of legislation that resurrect a Capitol Corridor rail study in New Hampshire and allow using toll credits as a match toward a $1.5 million purchase in Nashua for a future park-and-ride – which one day may include a rail station.

“Let the church bells ring!!!” Greater Nashua Chamber of Commerce President Chris Williams posted on his personal Facebook page Wednesday, sharing the news.

This is good news for those who feel that rail supports economic growth, such as New Hampshire Businesses for Transportation and Infrastructure.

State Senator Peggy Gilmour was quoted in the article as saying

“The Capital Budget Overview Committee got this one right,” state Sen. Peggy Gilmour said in a statement. “Passenger rail isn’t a Republican or Democratic issue, it’s something that is supported by the people of Nashua.”

State Senator Betty Lasky is quoted in the Nashua Patch as saying

“I applaud the work of the members of the Committee. This is great news for the people of Nashua, who have been frustrated by the last two years of efforts to stop this study supported by citizens and businesses.”

Also on Thursday, District 2 Congresswoman Annie Kuster released the following statement:

“I’m very encouraged to hear that the Committee has re-opened the door to studying the expansion of commuter rail in the Capitol Corridor, and I urge the Executive Council to move this project forward. Expanding commuter rail in this region is the right thing to do for our workers, our businesses, and our state’s economy, and it will bring significant economic benefits to Nashua and beyond. I’m also glad that if approved, the study will analyze the costs of this project so that we can make rail a reality in a fiscally responsible way.”

It’s good to see this study moving ahead.